Monday, September 17, 2012

Drama, Art, Erotic or Nudity Film?

Review of JAN DARA

“Jan Dara” is a drama film based on a famous Thai erotic novel of Utsana Phleungtham, which the original film was directed by Nonzee Nimibutr. 

In 2012,
M.L. Pundhevanop Dhewakul or “Mom Noi” has remade the film with new level of more professional skills and having different cast led by popular Thai actor, Mario Maurer and wishes to create huge waves in Thai film industry. This film adopts emotional sexual activities with love and lust in the family.

"This movie seem to be arousing and made ​​to stimulate the sexual emotions for the youth, which should not be created and shown in a country that lack of control like Thailand," said the 50 year-old man, who suddenly replied after hearing the question about Jan Dara.

The National Board of Censorship had looked through the film, some of the nude scene and some of sexual tempting scene that it should be preserved it as 18+ rating. And this is where the film's reputation does it a disservice: many people have been initially drawn to the film by hearing it described as a Thai erotic film.

All Thai casts seem to have no hesitation to take out all of theirs clothes, show breasts and bums, and act in every kind of sexual activity to make the most realistic scene in the film.  This is a Thai film where sexual scene is coming to the next new level.

       "I enjoy the art of sexual activity and would like to watch the new level of sexual scene in Thai film, but comparing to international film, Thai film is still lack of professional skills and realistic action. I totally don't fall into the mood of each scene at all," said one of the viewer after watching Jan Dara.

Moreover, the dialogue and character development are complex and compelling, pacing and plot development are totally perfect. Jan or Mario take the role of the character from the age of 17 to 90 year old and it is perfectly developed through the period. That being said, for all of its flaws, its well-crafted characters and all sensual qualities make “Jan Dara” become a well-worth watching film in 2012.

       However, Jan Dara is now available in every movie theatre. This as an art film not a porn. If anyone want to watch a real sexual activity, I would rather suggest you to buy or download AV, which is totally available all over the places. Each of us would come with different view of thoughts so let's watch and figure out what kind of this film is it?


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